Late tax deadline helps last-minute filers

Deadline extended due to holiday last Friday

Monday is tax day across the country. The day comes a few days later than the usual April 15 since last Friday was a holiday.

On a beautiful day in La Crosse, folks at Riverside Park are taking full advantage of the sun.

“It feels like we didn’t have a spring, it’s almost transitioning to summer time,” said resident James Kremmer.

Some people were enjoying the day, because they filed their taxes months ago.

“I try to file as soon as I get the information I need back,” said Josh Oeltjen, who filed his taxes about a month ago.

“My dad always told me to file early, because if you file early, you get your refund early,” said Kremmer.

Across the city, other people at H&R Block spent their day inside filing their taxes.

“We see anyone from filing a 1040 EZ to filing a business (tax return),” said Sue Rose, a tax adviser at H&R Block’s La Crosse office.

Andrew Kaminsky was one of those making that last-minute push.

“I was so busy with school and work that I wasn’t able to get here to actually sign for them until today,” said Kaminsky.

Because of the unusually late filing deadline due the Emancipation Day last Friday, Kaminsky had the extra time he needed.

“They asked me to come and sign my taxes, and I said, ‘Oh yes, yes I’ll be there,’ And then I got wrapped up in something, and I wasn’t able to make it, and then Saturday came, and I was like, It’s the 16th, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, what am I going to do? And somebody told me, ‘Oh yeah they gave you an extra weekend,'” said Kaminsky.

He is hoping next year will be a little different.

“I would like to think I would do it earlier next time,” said Kaminsky

In doing so, he hopes he can enjoy a warm spring day in the future.

“It’s good to be sitting here enjoying the beautiful weather as opposed to sitting inside trying to figure out if you’re getting all your money back,” said Oeltjen.

If someone doesn’t have time to file their taxes, they can file for an extension.

The extension allows someone  until Oct. 17 to file their tax return, but they still owe their taxes by Monday’s deadline.