Last of Civil War veterans honored in ceremonies in Bangor, Sparta

BANGOR, Wis. (WKBT) – Formal ceremonies were held in La Crosse and Monroe Counties today to honor Wisconsin’s last Civil War veterans.

Re-enactors and members of the Wisconsin Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War followed the 1917 rituals of the Grand Army of the Republic, including uniformed memorial guards.

“We had about 92,000 men from Wisconsin go off to the civil war, and many of them didn’t come back,” said John Decker, the Commander of the Department of Wisconsin and Minnesota Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. “Others did, like our veteran here, and they lived long and productive lives in their communities and we’re recognizing them as the last of a generation.”

The group honored John Henry Miller this morning in Bangor and Hubbard W. Watts in Sparta.

They placed flags and wreaths on each man’s gravestone.