Larson comes back one week from injury to help Luther in historic season

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT)–It’s been a year to remember so far for the Luther Knights.

The team used a last-minute drive to beat the Bangor Cardinals in shocking fashion, handing them their first conference loss after 45 straight victories.

Luther is on pace to make the playoffs for the first time since 2007, and they hope to keep the wins coming to make history.

“We were focused on their winning streak, we wanted to break that y’know? Caledonia lost a winning streak this year we wanted to break another one,” said Senior Quarterback Dillon Yang.

“When I was a kid (I remember) my brother with all his 2-7 year, 1-8 year seasons, and all the heartbreaks that they had to finally get back to a winning season,” recalled Senior Gavin Proudfoot. “To see everyone filling back into the games and think ‘oh, Luther Football’s back, they can play again,’ it’s great!”

It was a hard fought victory, especially for Senior Josiah Larson who broke his wrist a week before the game against Bangor.

When he was hurt, his first thought was he couldn’t play the Cardinals, but after talking with doctors, they said he can’t play offense or defense, but can kick if he wanted to.

And as his team’s place kicker, he helped the knights win one of the most important games of their careers.

“Basically I’ve gotten injured every single season, so this has been a reoccurring thing for me and this was the one season I wanted to be a part of and participate in running and things like that, and at least I got to play half the season,” joked Larson.

“Being able to kick, even just being a part of that team you get to go into the game and feel the intensity of the game and that was important for me.”

Josiah hopes that he can put a club on his injured arm, and get back to tackling and playing defense before the season ends.