Lao Veterans honored at Copeland Park

Soldiers from Laos fought alongside US in Vietnam War

Some Vietnam Veterans were being honored on Saturday.

Soldiers from Laos who fought alongside the US military during the conflict were being recognized at Copeland Park.

Between 1971 and 1975 more than 35,000 Hmong men and women were killed in the war, and more than 100,000 after the war.

La Crosse mayor Tim Kabat was also at the event, saying that bringing the community together at this event helps the affected families.

“It’s a somber thing, but then again it’s also very optimistic because, you know, again you think about the sacrifices and the families, but then also that whole idea of support and renewal I think is really great,” said Mayor Kabat.

Many Hmong refugees traveled to the US and settled in the La Crosse area, Twin Cities, and other parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota.