Lamb wears sweater to keep warm

Nugget, the sweater-wearing lamb, is winning over animal lovers around the country.

The 2-week-old baby sheep was born on Toddy Pond Farm in Monroe, Maine, WABI reported.

“He was born one of three lambs — born to one of our three ewes. He right away was not very strong and didn’t nurse from his mother very quickly,” Greg Purinton-Brown, the farm’s owner, told WABI. “We were still experiencing quite a bit of cold weather at that point, and so when he didn’t start to nurse, his body temperature began to drop.”

As it got colder, the farmers decided to step in. They brought the lamb inside, started bottle feeding him and gave him a sweater, WABI reported.

The farmers brought Nugget to farmers markets and community members quickly warmed to him. Now he’s attracted fans around the United States, WABI reported.

“He’s special for us just because he’s pretty personable; he’s pretty easy going. He’s like a little baby, I guess. It’s kind of nice to have him around,” Purinton-Brown told WABI.

Bottle feeding lambs is common, Purinton-Brown said. But Nugget’s popularity is unique.