La Farge Woman loses everything from flooding

One of the hardest hit areas by this week’s floods was La Farge in Vernon County.

Making things worse, the town was without power for days.

La Farge recently got its power back but now residents say they don’t even know where to begin cleaning things up.

Taylor Smith and her boyfriend Nate Dorris lived in one of the hardest hit houses in La Farge

“It’s the worst thing that you could have happen to somebody. Anything on the main level at this point is garbage. Anything from clothes to bedding, appliances, furniture everything,” Smith said.

Even worse, Smith said their house is now completely unlivable.

“We’re pretty sure at this point the house is going to be a complete loss,” Smith said.

Complicating things further is the fact that both Smith and Dorris have kids who now don’t have a home.

“My boyfriend didn’t realize until last night when he was telling his youngest boy that his whole life was in this house. His youngest boy is nine years old and he’s had the house for almost 11 years. His boy, this is his home,” Smith said.

Smith and her boyfriend had to send their kids away with family since they don’t have a permanent place to stay.

“Right now we’re looking into getting a camper,” Smith said.

They’re about $1,400 short of being able to afford a camper, but Smith says if they get one, they can live as a family again.

“To be able to have our own bed to sleep in again every night and to be able to have something to call home,” Smith said.

Making things even worse is the fact that La Farge and the surrounding area is expected to get rain soon.

Troy Deaver, the assistant chief of the La Farge Fire Department said, “The flash flooding is going to be a concern if we get heavy rain.”

Deaver said his crew has been working almost nonstop since Tuesday morning and they’re getting tired.

“If there’s volunteers out there willing to come to the area, we can deploy them to where we can use them best,” Deaver said.

Smith is also hoping they don’t get any more rain.

“As much damage as everybody has had we don’t need anymore,” Smith said.

Deaver said it’s not just his department that could use volunteers, it’s Viola, Reedsburg and all the other towns that have been hit by flooding.

He said if you’d like to volunteer you should get in contact with your local department.

Smith has created a donation page on Facebook so she can get a camper and reconnect with her kids.

If you would like to help search Taylor Smith on Facebook. Her profile picture is black with white letters.