La Crosse’s WAFER Food Pantry offering one food package per week

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — WAFER Food Pantry of La Crosse will now offer weekly food packages to its patrons in an effort to help its clientele stretch their limited resources thanks to support for donations.

Each food package contains a variety of canned goods, bakery items, dairy products, frozen meat, and produce.

WAFER Food Pantry is working to equip patrons through upcoming educational opportunities and encouraging maximum use of food pantry service as additional means for stretching limited resources to the fullest. For example, save federal benefits (such as Food Share*) and stimulus funds for other pressing needs, upcoming expenses, an emergency fund, etc. and get your food from WAFER.

Patrons are greeted by staff at the side door on Sumner Street. Pre-packaged food packages are provided during normal distribution hours. Updates will be posted on the website ( and general questions are answered here (

WAFER is La Crosse County’s largest food pantry, serving the greater La Crosse area including households in Bangor, Rockland, Holmen, Onalaska, Mindoro, and West Salem. Before the pandemic, WAFER was providing food packages to ~1,500 families month. Since the pandemic, the trends we are experiencing are brand new families requesting service for the first time ever, patrons returning who haven’t needed food assistance in 2-3 years, increased barriers to securing food, and multiple requests for food packages per month.