La Crosse’s Rivoli Theatre reopens for business

The local landmark has been closed for nine months

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- A La Crosse landmark, forced to close because of the pandemic, is back open for business.  The Rivoli Theatre is showing it’s first movie in nine months. 

The words don’t really matter, all movie lovers see on the marquee ia blockbuster. La Crosse’s Rivoli theatre is back in business. “Feeling a bit of a buzz that this time. People are finally looking to come back to the theatre. We’re opening. It will be a skeleton crew right now, but we will make it work.”, says Associate General Manager, Sam DeMerit.

 A victim of Coronavirus precautions and the Hollywood shut down that followed, it’s been lights out for this La Crosse landmark for nine long months. “It’s a shame that we’ve been closed so long.” When Hollywood went back to work, Rivoli staff showed up too. “We finally have some new content. Movies are finally coming in for us. Now we have something to keep us open and keep people coming in through the door.”, says DeMerit with a smile. 

Crowds will be small. The theatre is operating at 25-precent capacity; spacing out moviegoers who will be asked to wear a mask and take other pandemic precautions. Steps, DeMerit hopes will eliminate any off-screen drama. “It’s a lot to ask and it’s different than we are used to, but we will still provide the same experience.”, say DeMerit. 

A thriller, no matter what’s on the big screen that’s sure to be a smash hit. “Tuesday’s we still have our $2 Tuesday special”. 

You can buy your movie tickets at the theatre. If you’re headed to the Rivoli to watch the Packers first play-off game, tickets are free, but you will need to make a reservation. Rivoli 1 Rivoli 2 Rivoli 3 Rivoli 4