La Crosse’s new parking utility coordinator working to fix probems in downtown ramps

The gates on downtown La Crosse parking ramps are still up with no solution to fix the problems in sight.

Last month the Parking Utility Board voted to remove the gates and open the ramps free of charge.

The hope is to resolve some of the issues with ticket dispensers and gate arms, along with vandalism in the ramps. 

It’s something the city’s new parking utility coordinator is keeping an eye on.

He’s only 8 days into his new role, but says when it comes to parking there’s room to improve.

“Some of it’s just minor stuff. The Public Works Department, I think they’ve done a great job getting it to this level, they really do. And now we’ll just take it from here and move forward,” said Jim Flottmeyer.

To protect against vandalism and address safety concerns in the ramps, the city is partnering with a security company to patrol the ramps overnight, seven days a week.