La Crosse’s Losey Boulevard speed limit reduced to 25

Down from 30 miles per hour

It’s a slower commute down one of La Crosse’s busiest roads.

The speed limit along Losey Boulevard was reduced from 30 miles per hour down to 25 Friday. The speed reduction comes after the La Crosse City Council voted 9 to 2 in favor of the change two weeks ago, as a way to make it safer for the neighborhood and commuters.

The city’s Street Department installed the new speed limit signs Thursday night.

La Crosse Police say they hope drivers slow down.

“At the end of the day, we’re down to 25 miles an hour and we really hope that the community understands that that’s the speed limit, and we’re asking them to come down and drive at that speed,” said La Crosse Police Department Sergeant Tom Walsh.

La Crosse Police say they’ve handed out multiple tickets for cars going 20 or more over the speed limit during the first day of the change.