La Crosse’s Human Rights Commission member removed from role

La Crosse’s mayor removes the head of the Human Rights Commission from her role as chair.

In a letter from Mayor Tim Kabat dated July 6th, he told city council member and Human Rights Commission chair Jacqueline Marcou she was being replaced.

The mayor says his goals and Marcou’s goals for the city’s Human Rights Commission are different…. after recent conversations and comments made at last month’s Common Council meeting.

He says Marcou’s opposition to the mayoral appointment of former Council Member Dick Swantz to the committee was not based on “the merits of the individual or their background in social and racial justice. Rather, your opposition was based solely on their skin color.”

In a response letter to the mayor, Marcou said she stands by her decision.

She said “I believe a human rights commission should be diverse and should look like the marginalized community members that we are tasked with advocating for.”

The mayor has replaced Marcou with council member Justice Weaver who the mayor says addresses Marcou’s concerns about the lack of racial diversity on the commission.