La Crosse’s Grandad Half Marathon raises nearly $110,000

About $40,000 is going to local non-profit groups

An annual race in La Crosse had another successful year.

The Festival Food’s Grandad Half Marathon raised nearly $110,000.

About $40,000 of the money raised was donated Tuesday to three area non-profits or groups at a presentation in Myrick Park.

St. Claire Health Mission, La Crosse’s Youth Enrichment Association, and the Special Recreation Program of La Crosse will all benefit from the money.

Organizers says the race is a community event, not just the day of the race, but all year long.

“It shows health and fitness throughout the year. It’s nice to see the community all come together down at Riverside Park at the end, and it really gets everybody involved with our volunteers and our sponsors,” said Event Coordinator Jeff Weber.

About 3,500 people registered for this year’s half marathon.