La Crosse working to expand bike commuter trail

Trail near Gundersen campus will connect to other trails along river

The city of La Crosse is continuing to expand options for local bike enthusiasts.

Earlier this week, the city’s Board of Public Works approved the purchase of additional land near the campus of Gundersen Health System.

The city plans to create a new trail in that area to connect with the existing trail running through Green Island and Isle la Plume.

The total cost of the project will be $1.4 million dollars and is funded mostly by money generated by the tax incremental district that surrounds Gundersen.

Mayor Tim Kabat says the goal is to eventually connect the trail to downtown La Crosse.

“Right now, you leave the Gundersen campus and you get over to Isle la Plume and you get up to Market Street and then it’s kind of an on-street route, so ultimately we would like to see that Riverside trail continue,” said Kabat.

The mayor says the city also hopes to expand the trail in the other direction to South Avenue in the future, but those plans are on hold until the DOT’s plans to expand South Avenue are finalized.