La Crosse women’s organizations recognize power of the Vice President’s inauguration

Kamala Harris is the first black woman and person of Asian decent to hold the office

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- Vice President Kamala Harris has shattered glass ceiling as the nation’s first black female and person of Asian descent to hold the office. 

With a smile as big as the significance of this moment, Kamala Harris made history.  The Vice President broke a barrier that has kept men at the top ranks of American power for more than two centuries. moment, Sarah Ellingson, executive director of the Women’s fund of greater La Crosse, hopes captured the attention of the nation’s young girls. ” A female Vice President lifts all women everywhere. Representation is powerful. They can close their eyes and imagine themselves in that role.”, says Ellingson.

Vice President Harris’ rise to power is a first civil rights groups, like La Crosse’s YWCA, hope will be the first of many. “Our mission at YWCA is eliminating racism and empowering women and promoting peace, justice and liberty for all. And; the first two parts of that mission were amplified by today’s inauguration.”, explains executive director Lauren Journot.

The Vice President will no doubt face many, tough critics. But; the League of Women Voters of La Crosse believes Harris  will also have a growing army of supporters. “For 100 years we have been encouraging women to be part of government. This is historic. This, I hope, will encourage more women to try for government offices.”, says League President Mary Nugent.

Women, young and old, will welcome the day when the first Female Vice President is a footnote in history. One they hope is followed by many more. “What an incredible thing that our daughters and young women that are growing up now have seen this as children and this will be the norm for them.”, says Ellingson.