La Crosse woman charged with giving man fatal dose of drugs

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — A La Crosse woman is behind bars facing a reckless homicide after she was accused of giving a man pills he later overdosed on.

Branda GuilloryBranda Guillory, 25, was charged in La Crosse County Circuit Court with first-degree reckless homicide in the Feb. 18 death of Colton Thorpe.

Guillory told police she found pills she believed were oxycontin in a bag while working in a La Crosse hotel, then gave them to Thorpe.

According to the criminal complaint, Thorpe, 26, died after snorting the pills he obtained from Guillory. A pathologist determined the cause of death was “the toxic effects of fentanyl” and listed the manner of death as an accident.

Thorpe was found Feb. 21 in his bedroom, alongside seven pills in varying shades of green. The pills were initially identified as oxycontin; however, evidence testing revealed the pill was actually a counterfeit made of fentanyl.

Guillory was arrested June 10 at her La Crosse home without incident.