La Crosse Wellness Center offers summer camp for kids of all abilities

A first of its kind summer camp is coming to the La Crosse area.

This summer, The La Crosse Wellness Center is offering an all-ability camp.

The Coulee Kids Summer Camp is a chance for all kids,  no matter their development to come together and have some fun.

The 10-week camp runs all day, five days a week.

Every week there is a different theme, with part of the focus on giving back to the community.

“We have aloha summer, we have a sports extravaganza, we have a carnival week,  a detective week, servant leadership week, a go green week, we have everything. We want to reach any kid out there who wants to have a good time” said camp coordinator  Samantha Weaver.

Any child ages seven to 12 is welcome,  and any child older than 12 can also join as a camp assistant.

You can either sign up for the whole summer, or sign up on a weekly basis.