La Crosse wants to hear from residents about historical designation of Third Street building

Building planned to be demolished

The historical designation of a Third Street building in La Crosse is sparking some debate, and the city wants to hear from the public.

The Preservation Alliance of La Crosse nominated downtown’s Wenzel Schubert Meat Market for historical designation earlier this year. The building’s north side is covered with a mural of the War Eagle riverboat.

The historical nomination came after Pischke Motors purchased the property and announced plans to demolish the building to expand parking.

La Crosse’s Heritage Preservation Commission accepted the nomination, but has yet to approve the building.

“Their decision will be made Thursday night after the public hearing to determine whether it’s designated as a local landmark or not,” said City of La Crosse Senior Planner Tim Acklin.

La Crosse’s Heritage Preservation Commission is hosting the hearing at city hall, Thursday night at 6.