La Crosse volunteers clean up the banks of the Mississippi

Mississippi River Clean Up brought 200 people together to clean the river

Volunteers gathered on Saturday to help keep the beauty of our local scenery clean.

The Mississippi River Clean Up brought more than 200 people together to clean the river.

The event began in 1985 when a local organization grew tired of the trash and debris littered throughout the area’s waterways. Since then the event has been passed on to local businesses to continue the efforts of the clean up.

Volunteers say that they are happy to help keep such a valuable resource clean.

“The river’s a big part of the community, you know, since we’re right here and it’s part of the beautiful scenery, and it’s a good thing to keep it clean,” said UW-La Crosse student Judy Todd.

In past years the group has picked up more than 5,000 pounds of debris and metal, along with numerous tires, 55-gallon barrels, and even appliances like refrigerators.

This is the 23rd year of the clean up.