La Crosse up for best town in America

Vote for 2014 'Best Town Tournament'

La Crosse is once again getting national recognition.

The city is up for the title of “Best Town” in America. It’s part of Outside Magazine’s annual ‘Best Towns’ tournament. The magazine put together a bracket of its 64 favorite towns in the country, similar to March Madness. There are six rounds that towns compete in. Readers can vote for which one advances for the title.

La Crosse barely made it past the first two rounds; now in the third round- La Crosse is well behind its challenger, Duluth, Minnesota.

“They have the lift bridge there, which is unique to Duluth. However, La Crosse has the bluffs and the coulee area, which is unique to it,” said Wendi Ruoff, a resident of La Crosse.

In the first round- La Crosse beat Rapid City, South Dakota. Then La Crosse knocked off Grand Rapids, Michigan. Now it’s up against Duluth.

“I am originally from Southern Minnesota, spent many trips in Duluth, so I do love Duluth,” said Ruoff.

“It’s a wonderful area, but it doesn’t compare to us,” said Dave Clements, the executive director of La Crosse Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Here’s a closer look at the competition. Duluth’s population is 86,000 people. La Crosse has more than 51,000 people. Duluth is located right on Lake Superior, while La Crosse is on the Mississippi River.

“Both are beautiful for very different reasons,” said Ruoff.

If you compare the two towns on a piece of paper they are similar: both water towns, both beautiful and both friendly, but when it comes down to a vote Ruoff said she would vote for La Crosse.

“Duluth would be a close second, it really would, but I love La Crosse, nothing beats La Crosse,” said Ruoff.

“Plenty to do, big enough to have all the perks of a big town, but small enough to still feel like you are in a trusted community,” said Wes Guy.

So now La Crosse needs your help to advance to the next round and show the world what many people all already know.

“We made the sweet 16, but right now we are getting our butts kicked by Duluth, but there is still plenty of time to vote,” said Clements.

If you would like to vote in the third round, you have until Thursday night at 11:59 Eastern time. If La Crosse advances to the elite 8- it will be up against Minneapolis, Minnesota, or Houghton, Michigan.

You can only vote once every round. To vote visit Outside Magazine’s website.