La Crosse teachers call on Governor Evers to postpone election

Teachers want election delayed until it's safe to vote in-person or until assured mail-in ballot system can work effectively
This is the full statement from the La Crosse Education Association –
“The La Crosse Education Association, at its heart, is an organization that
seeks to prepare our students for their lives after they leave our care. In
regular circumstances, that means advocating for public education and
issues that immediately affect their lives. That has included things like
universal access to quality healthcare, a living wage, and a reinvestment in
our schools and our communities. However, we have also, over the course
of the decades of our existence, taught our children that it is their
fundamental right to actively participate in our democratic process via a
basic action: the vote.
Therefore, in this unprecedented state of national emergency, we believe
that Governor Evers, Representative Vos, Senator Fitzgerald, and the
legislature must postpone this election due to the risk of contracting what,
for some of our former students and their families, could be a life-
threatening illness. They should not have to choose between their basic
right to life and their right to vote.
So, we call on Governor Evers and the state legislature to take whatever
steps are necessary to ensure that all voters in Wisconsin have equal
access to the ballot, including, if necessary, the postponement of this
election until a reasonable effort can be made to provide an alternative to
in-person voting, or such time as in-person voting does not constitute an
unreasonable risk to the health and safety of the voters.”
-John Havlicek President of the La Crosse Education Association