La Crosse students learn water conservation for National Mayors Challenge

Group speaks at elementary schools

Students in La Crosse are spending the day learning about water conservation.

La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat and the Wyland Foundation took part in educational events in La Crosse for the 6th Annual National Mayors Challenge for Water Conservation. Wyland is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting and preserving the world’s water sources.

The group taught students at Spence and Southern Bluffs Elementary schools about water conservation. A Wyland representative says it is important to instill good water habits in young students.

“Starting early can make a big change in the future. If their kids and their kids learn how to make these small changes, then it won’t be a change in the end. It’ll just be the norm for them,” said Wyland Foundation Water Ambassador Brenan Vasilia.

La Crosse is just one stop in the Wyland Foundation’s “Rolling Down the Mississippi Tour,” a month-long education event about water conservation along the Mississippi