La Crosse students credited for thinking globally

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Beginning this year, the School District of La Crosse is one of the first in the state to offer the Global Education Achievement Certificate for high school students.

The hope is that the certificate will encourage more students to start thinking globally.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction was hearing from colleges and businesses about the importance of  students understanding the world outside of their community.

So, the state created the Global Certificate as a way for school districts to give credit to students who have these skills.

“These students that are currently pursuing the global certificate are very excited,” said Rhonda McGowan, Logan High School global coordinator. “These are the students that are curious about the world. That are pursuing this course of study to learn about other cultures, other traditions, other economies. And they want to take that outside of the school building and teach others and be involved in projects and possibly live abroad, work abroad and educate others as to what the world is like.”

There are currently more than 100 students enrolled in the program at both Logan and Central High School combined.

La Crosse is among 25 districts across the state now offering the Global Education Achievement Certificate.

The certificate will be noted on a student’s transcripts.