La Crosse students build exoskeleton arm to help manufacturing workers

Funded by a grant from La Crosse Public Education

A load-bearing, robotic arm is working thanks to the efforts of local high school students.

A La Crosse Logan High School class partnered with Trane of La Crosse to build a Repetitive Work Exo Arm this school year. The arm was built to provide protection, support and assistance to the wearer.

The “Project Lead the Way” Digital Electronics students focused on three goals during the build:

Create an engineering learning experience

Build an arm for a repetitive work-related job in manufacturing

Relieve tension and lifting forces a worker may experience

“There’s definitely a sense of accomplishment being able to see a physical product, seeing everything working as we expected it to,” said Logan High School Senior Grant Simmons.

The project was funded by a grant from the La Crosse Public Education Foundation.