La Crosse Storm Spotter Training class to be rescheduled due to winter storm

A storm watchers’ class is being rescheduled thanks to Monday’s return to winter.

The National Weather Service’s Storm Spotter Training class in La Crosse will instead be available April 23. The classes teach people the warning signs of different storms and how to report potentially dangerous conditions.

“What you can expect with thunderstorms, some of the clouds that go along with those, and then also again how to communicate that with us. Pretty much anyone can do it. There are people that are pretty experienced. They kind of know the trick, they might be more mobile. And then we have other people that just let us know what’s going on right in their yard,” said La Crosse National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist Todd Shea.

An online webinar version of the class will also be available on Friday to anyone interested.

You can enroll in that class by heading to the National Weather Service website, or by emailing