La Crosse SOUP returns with new structure after 8 month absence

An event designed to support small community improvement projects makes its return after a long absence.

La Crosse SOUP hosted their first event in 8 months Tuesday night.

The basic concept is the same, with people paying $5 for a bowl of soup and a vote for one of four community improvement pitches being made. The project that receives the most votes at the end of the night gets to take home the money that was collected.

This version of SOUP now has a board of directors that will make sure money raised is used as intended and help expand the scope of pitches being made.

“Through that diversity in the board, we’ve been able to reach out to different community members, community groups and businesses that have just shown their support and said, ‘Hey, this is a great opportunity for La Crosse to be together and we want to make sure it’s successful,'” said board member Keachen Abing.

Board members hope to hold a couple more SOUP events this year — one in the fall, and one in the winter. Exact dates haven’t been decided yet.