‘La Crosse Soup’ helps improve the community

A unique competition is giving four area businesses a chance to improve the community.

How does it work? A simple bowl of soup.

It’s called ‘La Crosse Soup’ at The Rootnote in Downtown La Crosse. Everyone pays $5, gets a bowl of soup, a piece of bread, and a vote. Each business pitches their idea on how they want to better the community. You then vote for the best idea, which is then funded by the money made during the night. 

Organizers say the event is not only crowd-funded, but community supported as well.

“It goes to show the level of energy there is to provide funding for good people with good ideas in our community, and just the strength of our community in general, and how passionate people are about the city of La Crosse,” said Andrew Londre, an organizer of the event.

July’s winners were Corrie Brekke and Dane Gonzales, owners of The Rootnote. They took home more than $1,600 to start a community garden behind their business.