La Crosse SOUP asking for community to contribute ideas

The events fund as much as $2,000 for community projects

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Your ideas could help refill the La Crosse SOUP effort.

Community members pitch ideas during the event and community members vote for the winning idea.

As much as $2,000 goes to the winning ideas.

The events have been on hold since earlier this year.

Now the group is asking for community members to share their pitches for ideas that could benefit La Crosse.

While the effort has been on the backburner, organizers are ready to serve the community again.

“We’re more than a fundraising event. Because when the community comes together, you build that friendship and that comraderie and that community,” said La Crosse Soup Director Josh Court.

Information about proposals or to submit your own just head to the La Crosse SOUP website.