La Crosse Skyrockers preparing for New Years Eve fireworks

Group is lighting up the skies for the 90th consecutive year

For the 90th time, the La Crosse Skyrockers are preparing to ring in the New Year with a bang.

And this year, some of the fireworks will bring an extra pop.

“I believe I got eight, 8-inch guns I’m going to shoot at six o’clock,” La Crosse Skyrockers vice president Marty Schmal said. “And usually, the six o’clock show doesn’t get to see that, so make it a little more lively a little more boom this year.”

The Skyrockers start prepping as early as September.

“We get our ammunition,” Schmal said. “We have to order it, and it comes from all over the world. Some of it here in the states, some of it from China.”

The ordering process isn’t always easy.

“Getting bigger fireworks has become kind of challenging, and they cost a little bit more because of that,” Schmal said.

The Skyrockers order several thousand fireworks.

“It’s well into the 2,000 range, plus,” Schmal said.

Then they get everything set up.

“I’d say it’s probably about 50 people that kind of make this show happen today,” Schmal said.

Not to mention the people throughout the city who make sure the event goes on every year.

“It’s all community donations,” Schmal said. “It’s what keeps us going…We really enjoy it, and doing it for our community. We got a lot of responses from people.”