La Crosse Skyrockers hold open house for Stuff the Mortars fundraiser

Skyrockers teach public how they light fireworks

The countdown to New Years has begun, meaning La Crosse is a few short weeks away from one of the bigger firework displays in the area.  Saturday, the La Crosse Skyrockers held an open house for their “Stuff the Mortars” fundraiser. 

The event was open to the public.  The Skyrockers say it was a way for people to learn how they light fireworks while in a safe setting.

“By having something where the public can meet us in Myrick Park, it’s a central location, the weather is nice as far as the winter time goes, and it allows us to be able to tell people about what we do without being in the process of doing it,” said La Crosse Skyrockers director of public relations Jonathan Vermes.

The La Crosse Skyrockers will continue lighting off fireworks every night at 6 p.m. until their New Years display.