La Crosse sixth graders participate in Global Awareness Competition

Students worked in small groups, focus on specific issue

Sixth graders in La Crosse took part in a Global Awareness Competition on Wednesday.

They worked in small groups focusing on a specific issue. Some included worldwide hunger, women’s rights, global warming, and the NSA surveillance system.

Along with researching the issue, the students put together a plan of action to solve the problem.

“The more people who learn about them and the more people who know about them, the more people who will try to prevent them, so it’s really good for people to know about global issues,” said La Crosse Design Institute sixth grader Parker Blumentritt.

The winning team, “Hunger Around the World” at Lincoln Middle School gets $500 to put towards their issue.

The final results are listed below.
1st Place:  Hunger Around the World — Lincoln Middle School
2nd Place:  Worldwide Obesity — Lincoln Middle School
3rd Place:  Global Warming — Lincoln Middle School

Honorable Mention:
Hunger and Malnutrition — Longfellow Middle School
Fresh Water Storage — Logan Middle School