La Crosse shoveling ordinance takes effect

Residents, others have 24 hours after snowfall to shovel sidewalks

Now that the snow is sticking to the ground La Crosse residents have 24 hours to clear it from sidewalks.

The city has an ordinance that requires residents, business owners, and property managers to shovel snow from sidewalks within a day of when it stops falling.

If it’s not done it’ll cost you a $50 administrative fee plus $2.50 per lineal foot. So a 100-foot sidewalk would rack up a $300 bill.

City officials say it’s important because many people rely on the sidewalks to get around.

“Elderly, anybody confined to a wheelchair or with a disability, you know, they really struggle this time of year. And it’s critical that we get out there right away and get these sidewalks cleared,” said Doug Kerns, of the La Crosse Engineering Department.

Inspections could start early Tuesday evening.