La Crosse sets new record for heat

LA CROSSE, Wis. — The record temps don’t mean people are letting the sticky weather get the best of them.

Baseball is America’s summer sport. But, how fun is it on hot days?

Jim Wolf was the umpire for the high school boys sectional game. With temperatures in the 90s, he’ll tell you the 1 hour and 45 minute game was uncomfortable.

“Shin guards, chest protector, hat, the mask. You don’t get any air flowing through your clothes. You just sweat, water runs,” said Wolf.

At Harry Spence Elementary School the “Y” holds it’s surround care program for school age kids. The building has limited air conditioning and when temperatures get too high staff is limited with what they can do with kids.

On Tuesday, a pool field trip was canceled due to the hot weather.

“Once it hits 95 degrees the state says that if you’re outside you’re no longer safe, you’re risking their health,” said Jasmine Valentine, Site Director for Y Surround Care.


95 degree is also the temperature that Emergency Management recommends that if you don’t have air conditioning you use a fan to blow hot air out windows rather than onto your body. But, whether it’s a fan or air conditioning, Xcel Energy is bracing for high energy demands.

“While we are approaching peak levels, we have not hit a new peak as of yet,” said Liz Wolf Green, spokesperson for Xcel Energy.

The Wisconsin/Michigan system peak of more than 1,400 MW was set on Aug. 12, last year. Xcel says energy demands are highest in the early evenings when people come home from work.

According to Xcel, the Wisconsin Michigan hit a high of 1,253 MW Monday, and they currently expect demand will peak this evening around 1,400 MW.

Xcel says while these temperatures increase demand for early June, the system is in good shape and Xcel don’t expect any problems meeting demand.

Emergency Management also warns about over heating of vehicles during dangerous temperatures.

On just an 80 degree day a car with slightly cracked windows can reach 100 degrees within less than 10 minutes.