La Crosse schools have plan in place to deal with food allergies

The federal government is issuing its first guidelines to schools on how to protect children with food allergies.

The voluntary advice from the C.D.C. calls on schools to take steps like restricting nuts, shellfish or other foods that can cause allergic reactions. It also wants to make sure emergency allergy medication like EpiPens are available.

The La Crosse School District already has a comprehensive plan in place to deal with food allergies for the 60 or so kids that have them. “And we actually create a message that’s in the computer when students go to check out, we have that information in a confidential health file with the cooks in the kitchen and all of those cooks work to keep that child safe with the foods they can and can’t eat,” said School Nutrition Supervisor Joni Ralph.

The C.D.C. estimates that about 1 in 20 U.S. children have food allergies.