La Crosse schools face off in mock trial competition

Area students got a lesson in law Saturday.

High schools across the state took part in Wisconsin’s Mock Trial tournaments. including La Crosse’s own Central and Logan schools. Area teams faced off at the La Crosse Courthouse Saturday. The program gives kids the opportunity to act as lawyers and witnesses, and argue a fake criminal court case in front of a panel of attorneys and judges. Organizers say students are learning more than just courtroom procedure during the tournament.

“It really gets them comfortable with presentation, and it gets them comfortable with answering questions on the spot and not knowing quite what to expect, because although they have a case to prepare for, you’re never quite sure what areas of the case the other team is going to focus on, so you really have to be able to think on your feet,” said coordinator Jessica Kirchner.

The winners will face off in the semi-finals in Madison, with two finalists advancing to the state level competition in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.