La Crosse School District will evaluate in-person learning every two weeks

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — The decision about whether to move to in-person learning in the La Crosse School District will now be determined week by week.
As of now, students can expect to continue online learning until at least October 11th. Superintendent Aaron Engel said the district doesn’t want to commit to an entire semester online and give up on potentially having students in the classroom.  He said the decision to have in-person classes rests heavily on the county infection numbers.

“Right now the county is at nearly 100 cases per day, and the seven day rolling average is over 100 cases per day. The conditions in the county just aren’t safe enough for us to take those risks and bring those students back to the classroom,” said Engel.

He said district officials will meet every week to reevaluate the county numbers and the future of in-person school. Engel said the two week notice is necessary to allow time for the schools to establish food services, special education, and transportation, as well as allowing parents time to figure out their own plans for the extended virtual learning time. Some La Crosse School District teachers are praising this decision, saying the extra time is needed.

“I think the system that we’ve got in place is pretty good. The decision making protochols that Dr. Engel is deploying are outstanding, top notch there. To say that in a week we’ll revisit this, and have lead time, and then just keep doing that, I think makes a lot of sense,” said John Havlicek.

Havlicek said he and his high school students think this was the right call.  He said even though his students are successful doing virtual school, the thought of in-person school is motivating.