La Crosse School District pushes for safety at voting centers

La Crosse police will be stationed at voting sites

Hundreds will pass through the halls of La Crosse schools to cast their votes, District officials want to make sure things go smoothly for the voters but said students and staff are their top priority.

“Our superintendent and our buildings and grounds folks have really done an outstanding job preparing for what will be a high turnout day,” Steven Salerno, the associate superintendent of the La Crosse School District said.

To keep up with the foot traffic the La Crosse Police Department will have a community officer stationed at each  school that is a voting site.

“Thankfully we have a police department that is willing to roll up their sleeves and work shoulder to shoulder to get the job done,” Salerno said.

Police will be at Hintgen Elementary, Emerson Elementary, Spence Elementary, Longfellow Middle, and Hogan Administrative Building.

“It gives people an understanding that should assistance be needed it’s just a step away. Of course, our local police department will also be patrolling the areas,” said Salerno.

Last spring multiple parents complained to the district saying too many doors were open during voting and made it easy for anyone to get in. Officials said that won’t happen again.

“We’ve been continuously adding the ability to close doors automatically on timers or go into lockdown so somebody doesn’t have to run to a door with a key,” Jason Showen, the La Crosse School District safety coordinator said.

Officials said they’ve worked to cover all of the bases for this election and hope the voting sites in the school will prove to be safe and a unique learning experience for students.

“It’s all about how we balance that with security in our buildings, too,” said Showen.