La Crosse School District looking at location changes for several schools

As enrollments at several schools in the La Crosse School District  continue to grow, finding room for all them is becoming more difficult.

It’s causing the district to look at different ways to house the students.

One of the ideas is to move the Coulee Montessori program from Northside Elementary to the Hogan Administrative Center.  The spot would free up about 140 spots in the Northside building. It would also mean hiring more full-time positions for the Coulee Montessori program.

The plan would also include the district buying the former TCI building on Highway 16, which would house the administration offices. The new building would cost the district about $2.25 million, but would offer a better use of space for district employees.

The move would leave 7 Rivers Community High School students who currently attend classes in the Hogan building to move into Central High School.

Nothing has been finalized yet, but the district hopes to make a decision soon.