La Crosse School District extends virtual learning

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- The School District of La Crosse announced Wednesday it is extending virtual learning through at least Nov. 15.

“The primary metrics indicate we should be conducting virtual learning for all students at this time. The secondary metrics indicate COVID-19 conditions in the community are getting worse. While we will continue to reassess our learning mode each week, we do not anticipate being able to transition to in-person learning in two weeks,” said Superintendent Dr. Aaron Engel in a letter to the district.

“We are continuing to investigate how to safely provide in-person learning for grades K-2 if community conditions do not fall within the standards established by our model.”

Last week, the district made the decision to continue virtual learning for two weeks, while the other two biggest districts in the county, Onalaska and Holmen, decided to return to in-person learning this past Monday.

Both of those districts have now reversed course and are switching back to virtual learning beginning next week.