La Crosse School District considers school delays, cancelations with wind chill warnings

Ice and snow can also impact schedule

Despite the cold weather, school has remained in session in the La Crosse School District.

The superintendent says in our current weather conditions, they start taking a look at delay and closing options when a wind chill warning is issued. Dangerous snowy and icy conditions can also impact the schedule, but the district does not have a specific snow total or cold temperature they use to decide if school should be delayed or closed.

The district also communicates with the school’s busing company, GO Riteway, to make sure getting kids to and from school is possible.

“Our transportation company has taken extra precautions to get out in front and make sure that the buses are ready to go, but also not only will he buses be ready to go, but in the event that a bus were to stall they’ve got a backup bus, a warm backup bus ready to go at the same time,” said La Crosse School District Superintendent Randy Nelson.

The two groups start talking about potential issues days ahead of time to make sure the buses are maintained and inspected, but the safety of the students will always be considered first.

“The buses are certainly prepared. The drivers are all veterans and experienced in driving in this kind of weather. The buses are very well maintained. We know we might have a few issues, but we’ve got some plans just in case something were to happen,” said GO Riteway La Crosse Operations Manager Michael Wohlfert.

The District also says parents can decide if it is too dangerous for their kids to make it to school. District officials ask you let them know if your kids are staying home from school.