La Crosse School District completes first solar project

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The La Crosse School District is taking its first steps to help protect the environment.

The school is installing its first solar project.

Summit Elementary School’s outdoor sign is being replaced with a new solar-powered system.

Members from the school, the community group Solar on La Crosse Schools, and the La Crosse Public Education Foundation held an event today marking its completion.

The new project also gives school kids a chance to better understand renewable energy.

“We’re trying to plant the seed in each of them to understand that, you know, that solar energy is an important resource that we need to be looking at for our future, right?,” Summit Elementary School principal Dirk Hunter said. “And to create a healthy planet.”

The Solar on La Crosse Schools, or SOLS, raised funds for the project.

The next solar project in the district will be installed in the Hamilton school expansion.