La Crosse School Board aims to set long-range plan vs. COVID-19

Some projects will be postponed to provide $421,600 for the COVID-19 plan, board decides

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — La Crosse School Board members, meeting virtually this evening, said they need a long-range plan, estimated to cost $421,600, to cope with COVID-19.
Schools will need upgrades to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, board members said, directing that each school should be assessed this week.
Examples of upgrades that might be necessary include washers and dryers at two schools, isolation rooms for students who become and providing bottle fillers instead of drinking fountains, among other things to be considered. All drinking fountains will be shut off, board members said.
Developing the plan goes beyond a one-meeting commitment and needs to be a living document, the board decided. It also should be a part of the long-range vision of the city and county.
The process needs to evaluate many aspects of the district, including demographics, building capacities, educational programs, facility assessment, boundaries and debt retirement.
Providing the $421,600 to implement the COVID plan will require postponing a number of projects, including the following, to name a few:
• Replacing theater seats at Logan High School
• Painting lockers and installing sound panels at Emerson Elementary School.
• Replacing second-floor ceiling and lighting at Hamilton Elementary School.
• Upgrading hallway lighting and replacing playground equipment at North Woods Elementary.
• Replacing flooring in the kitchen at State Road Elementary School.
• Replacing cafeteria doors at Summit Elementary School.