La Crosse restaurant being featured on Travel Channel

Good ideas travel quickly on the Internet.

Online word-of-mouth is the reason you can see one of La Crosse’s unique restaurants on the Travel Channel this week.

Pizza Doctors was featured on a different TV network a few years ago for its “exploratory surgery” buffet.

It offers diners dozens of traditional and non-traditional pizzas, with ingredient combinations some might consider “strange.”

That first TV appearance started a lot of online buzz which drew the Travel Channel’s “Food paradise” film crew to Pizza Doctors.


It also drew lots of new pizza recipe ideas to the restaurant’s website, even one from a group of five year olds.

“They’re reading teacher had just seen the Food Network episode, and decided they should try to create their own pizza.  They submitted it on the website, and that’s one of our newest dessert pizza is the ‘Teddy Bear Pizza.’  It came from five little kids in Michigan,” says the owner of Pizza Doctors, Larry McMahon.

Pizza Doctors has been in La Crosse for nearly 27 years.

You can watch the “Food Paradise: Pizza Paradise 2” episode featuring Pizza Doctors Wednesday, Jan. 30th on the Travel Channel.