La Crosse Regional Airport to contract out some operations personnel

Airport losing 2 of 4 Operational Personnel

The La Crosse Regional Airport will soon be feeling the effects of being short staffed.

The airport is losing two out of four of its operational personnel on staff.

Operations personnel deal with things like compliance checks for federal aviation regulations and run way safety at the airport. However, 10 percent of their job also deals with airport rescue firefighting, but instead of using the local fire departments to do the job the city voted 3 to 2 to contract out the positions to a service firm in Green Bay.

“This isn’t a fire job, this is an operations job so there’s a whole bunch of duties associated with that work. Vastly different from what the firefighters do at the city of Campbell. It’s not that they can come in this type of position and do the work,” said La Crosse Regional Airport Manager Clinton Torp.

The firm will be contracted out for one year.