La Crosse Regional Airport receives $3.4 million in federal grant

A multi-million dollar grant is awarded to the La Crosse Regional Airport to improve safety.

The State of Wisconsin is seeing more than $50 million in federal grant money, in a nationwide grant program.

And for La Crosse Regional Airport, they’re using the funding to keep passengers safe.

The Federal Aviation Administration is giving grants to several state airports and the La Crosse Regional Airport is getting $3.4 million.

“Any time we receive a grant from the FAA their number one priority is to keep the public safe when they’re traveling,” said Marketing and Communications Manager for the La Crosse Regional Airport, Miranda TerBeest.

The purpose of the FAA grants are to keep airports safe by allowing them to best host new airplanes that airline companies are starting to use.

“It’s challenging, every industry is always ever-changing, and especially aviation,” commented TeerBeest.

The projects that will be underway to update the airport include work to add a new taxi lane, work to give more space to a hangar, new lights on the strip, and replacing some concrete.

The work isn’t to replace parts of the airport in bad condition.

“Most of our airfield is in very good shape,” commented Airport Director Ian Turner.

But the goal is to stay ahead, so areas of the airport are replaced before they get too old.

“We try to get in front of it and make improvements before things degrade, so we can maintain safety at all times,” explained TerBeest.

These upgrades are not a total overhaul of the airport, but Turner says that small upgrades are the best way to keep an airport up to speed.

“It’s about preventing a very large capital intensive project all at once.”

And 3.4 million is a small price to pay to make sure everything at an airport is operational.

“Our number one priority is to keep people safe at all times,” said TerBeest.

Turner hopes to get started on construction as early as next week, and expects the work to be done as early as thanksgiving, and as late as spring of next year.

La Crosse Regional Airport is one of 12 Wisconsin airports to get a grant from the FAA.

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