La Crosse Regional Airport offering TSA Pre-check enrollment

Pre-check offers passengers security perks, shorter wait times

The La Crosse Regional Airport wants to help you avoid long wait times in security lines.

The airport is holding a week-long enrollment for the TSA Pre-‘check’ program.

For $85, people enrolled in the program can avoid things like taking off their shoes and removing laptops and liquids from their carry-on for five years.

Signing up for the program is a three-step process, involving an online application, a background check and fingerprinting, and receiving a Known Traveler Number.

The second step of the process can be cumbersome for some people, which is why officials wanted to hold an event in La Crosse.

“Normally you would have to travel at least an hour to Rochester, or two hours to Minneapolis to get the second part of the process,” said Kristen Duchrow of the La Crosse Regional Airport. “It’s happening right here in our community and then it’s making travel easier from here on out.”

The pre-check enrollment event runs until Friday at the La Crosse Regional Airport’s administration office.

Agents will be there from 8 in the morning until noon and between 1 and 5 in the afternoon every day.

For more information, or to start your application, go to the TSA pre-check website.