La Crosse Public Library’s home delivery service gives patrons access to world

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — The recent omicron surge has many people opting to say home again. Luckily for bookworms, the La Crosse Public Library has a longstanding service that can bring books to you.

For some, the library can be a home.

“I can’t imagine a world without libraries,” said Lee Arlen Hansen, a La Crosse library volunteer. “My mom would call the library at 5 and say ‘Would you go find my son and tell him it’s time for dinner and send him home?’ Yeah, so between 5 and 14, I lived at the library.”

It also can be a place to escape.

“You can travel the world without having to leave your home. And it’s cheap—it’s relatively, you know? It’s free,” Hansen said.

But not everyone can get there. That’s where volunteers like Hansen come in, for the library’s at-home delivery service.

“I just started — what has it been now, five, six months? I’m recently retired,” Hansen said. “So everyone says you can’t sit home all day long doing nothing, you know, it’ll drive you crazy. And they were right.”

Giving his time and bringing an escape for those who can’t leave home.

“Not only are they getting materials to keep them engaged, but they’re also getting that personal one-on-one connection with their volunteer,” said Heather Miller, the library’s adult programming and volunteer coordinator.

The number of recipients has grown in recent years — bringing something special to those who need it most.

“We’re basically giving them access to the outside world when they’re physically unable to come to the library themselves,” Miller said.

The library’s at-home delivery service has served the community for 15 years. It delivers only within city limits. You can sign up for homebound delivery by calling Miller at the library.

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