La Crosse Public Library wraps up summer reading program

There’s still a month left in the summer for many kids, but an area library is wrapping up another successful summer reading program.

The La Crosse Public Library wrapped up its Build a Better World summer reading program last Friday.

For two months, kids were given incentives to read and help the community by doing things like donating to a food pantry or helping a neighbor with their yard.

They were also encouraged to set reading goals for themselves, and those who reached the goals are being treated to a pool party Friday.

“For some kids that might be 10 books over the course of the summer, other kids it might be a hundred. So we ask them to talk with their grown ups at home, decide what would work for them, and set that goal and try to achieve it,” said library Youth Services Manager Dawn Wacek.

Kids who participated in the program also got to take home a free book to keep.