La Crosse Promise helps revitalize local neighborhood

Neighborhood leadership gives many reasons for you to move in

One La Crosse neighborhood thinks you should move in, and has given a few reasons why.

The Powell-Poage-Hamilton neighborhood is looking to expand its diversity.

Earlier this week it was announced that $1.5 million is now available to fund college scholarships for children of those who move into the neighborhood. That, along with the close proximity to Gundersen and Mayo, a brand new park being built, and Viterbo being nearby, are reasons the P-P-H Neighborhood Leadership gives for potential homeowners to move in.

It’s a way for the city to gain some vitality in older neighborhoods.

“Somehow we have to, and this goes for the whole city, somehow we have to renew, we have to get new people coming into the city or we’re just going to decay,” said La Crosse 13th District Council Representative Phil Ostrem. 

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