La Crosse priest flaunts ‘godless’ COVID protocols

Fr. James Altman You Cannot Be Catholic & A Democrat. Period. Frame 1944

LA CROSSE, Wis. (AP) — A priest in La Crosse has been ignoring COVID-19 gathering restrictions at his masses and is warning people that vaccines are useless, despite the advice of health experts.

The La Crosse Tribune reports that it obtained a photo of the Rev. James Altman presiding over crowded Easter services at St. James the Lesser Catholic Church. Many in the congregation were not wearing masks and about 170 walked up to receive communion, many by mouth.

The Tribune also obtained a page from a church bulletin calling the vaccines experimental and “damnable.”

The Diocese of La Crosse says it is working privately on issues with Altman.

Altman was at the center of a pair of controversies last fall in which he said people could not be both Catholic and Democrats and compared people criticizing him to Nazis.