La Crosse possibly moving utility payments to the internet

Going paperless will make billing process easier for customers, city

La Crosse is moving into the digital age when it comes to billing residents.

The city is trying to create an online portal for residents to pay their utility bills.

The utilities department is working on an agreement with a company called Payment Services Network. Customers will be able to create an account with the city to pay with either by credit card or e-check.

Going paperless will make the billing process much easier for not only customers but the city as well.

“Right now we currently get a check every time someone uses their online bank payment, so we still have to handle that check reprint the bill, so there’s a lot of labor time involved in that and this will reduce that,” said La Crosse Water Utility Office Supervisor Tina Erickson.

Before the utilities department can move to paperless payment the city first has to approve the agreement with Payment Services Network.

The department hopes to implement the online payment portal by next fall.